How to Grow Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms and is an ideal tool for company promotion. Anyone can have an Instagram account, but not just anyone can amass a large and dedicated follower count. However, there are a few important things to consider doing to increase your Instagram follower base.

3 min readNov 20, 2020


Post Consistently

Consistent posting is extremely important to maintaining and growing followers on Instagram. If your followers are not receiving content from your account, they will likely unfollow or not even see the point of following in the first place. Once your account has been established as a reliable source of information and content, the Instagram algorithm will help push your posts to potential and existing followers.

Use all Available Tools-Lives, IGTV, Stories, and Feed posts

Instagram has amazing tools that are available for all Instagrammers to use, but not everyone takes advantage of this. While it is important to post to the regular feed, it is also valuable to host live sessions, post to IG stories, and put your longer form content on IGTV. Followers will be able to interact with all the Instagram mediums, giving you a boost in the algorithm

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing tool for finding your target audience, and allowing people to find your content that would otherwise not have found it. By using defining hashtags, you are able to expand your reach and give people what they may be specifically looking for. Instagram even allows users to follow a hashtag, so your posts may even pop up on the feed of someone following a hashtag you added! If they like what they see enough, you could gain many new followers that way.

Interact with Followers

Once you have gained followers, it is important to maintain them. When you interact with your audience, it will make them feel valuable and important. A few ways to effectively interact with your followers include liking their comments on your posts, doing giveaways, and following select accounts back.

Use Analytics

For business accounts, Instagram offers important insights into the analytics of your account. You are able to differentiate which time of the day and day of the week are the most ideal to post in order to achieve maximum interaction. There are even entire software companies devoted to collecting Instagram data, which you can use to make your posting more efficient and effective.

These are all effective tips if used consistently and correctly, but success hinges on the quality of content produced by you or your team. Another important factor is your dedication and devotion. If you are willing to work hard while using these tips, your growth is nearly inevitable.

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