JIFU Ecosystem Update

We last updated our dedicated readership on the JIFU ecosystem in the beginning of November, and, only a month later, the company is still increasing its positive forward momentum.

2 min readDec 7, 2020

The amplification is still in progress, as is any successful, growing entrepreneur’s business. Our main focus remains centered with Online Marketplaces, Travel and Tourism, Cryptocurrency, and Personal Development.

With each of these comes a dedicated team of experts and experienced professionals who are passionate about creating a symbiotic relationship between JIFU, its customers, and its affiliates.

JIFUcoin is one of the components of the JIFU ecosystem, stitching together each sector into a seamlessly integrated system. We are in the midst of our utility token private sale round two, and are gearing up for the JIFUcoin public sale during Q1 2021.

Additionally, JIFU is currently building up a repository of potential vendors for when we roll out JIFUshop in 2021. If you are someone you know is interested in becoming a vendor, please contact memberservices@jifu.com.

As mentioned before, JIFU’s mobile app is continually adding new features and content for our devoted affiliates and members. We are adding new ‘learn’ features to expand your knowledge and benefits.

Be sure to check out our website, as it has been updated into a sleek and user friendly experience. It is the perfect place to find all the tools you need to access your epic life. Moving into this new era of JIFU, we are excited to be able to offer an elevated experience that is now reflected in our website.

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