JifuCoin Public Sale Round 1

If you have been following our posts, you will remember that we already wrote about the JIFU business model and the availability of JIFUcoin for private sales. At JIFU, we love Bitcoin and accept transactions in it. We understand that Bitcoin holds much potential in terms of the future.

Like Bitcoin, JIFUcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that allows you to make purchases. JIFU is the native token of the JIFUchain network. Upon developing the coin, users will later exchange JIFUcoin to other well-established ETH-based tokens such as Ethereum, USDT, and other stable coins. It is a utility token that is backed by a stable coin and real fiat.

Here is what Nacho, the number #1 JIFUcoin owner, said:

“I believe in JIFU, I believe that it will go up, that it will help many people fix many problems the crypto world has right now. JIFUcoin offers the first-mover advantage.”

JIFU has introduced a private and public sale to raise the liquidity needed to create an integrated structure to its marketplace. This system is necessary because the JIFU model will successfully merge a coin economy with customer loyalty and affiliate marketing components. In addition to the e-commerce site, JIFUshop, we will be offering discounted travel, products, and services with coin rebates when you make purchases with JIFUcoin.

The private sale takes place before the coin is available to the public. It is an exclusive offer that gives you the ability to buy the JIFUcoin at a discounted price before the coin goes to public sale. During this period, there are two rounds of sales.

The private sale’s primary objective is to sell 10% of the total coin supply to get additional funding to upgrade the current systems and add new technologies. JIFUcoins purchased during the private sale will be locked for use between 6 to 12 months based upon the discount rate obtained by the JIFU member affiliate in the private round.

These discounts range from 20% — 50% of the initial price of the coin. The number of coins sold in public offers factors into how long the coins remain locked. As more public sale coins are sold, the corresponding tranche of private sale coins will be unlocked for the affiliates to use them or sell.

There are massive parties in all four business verticals, particularly in travel, where pockets are deep. For JIFU to gain market share and hold onto it, JIFU will initially sell $5 million in JIFU but plans to raise this sale to $50 million. The public sale goal is to raise $50 million, which would come from users in all four of JIFU’s business verticals.

Since only active JIFU member affiliates are allowed to purchase JIFUcoin during the private sale, the $500 minimum purchase is for them to be considered “Active” in the JIFUcoin plan. They also can later increase in status rank and earn increased yields from staking and referring JIFUcoin to other users.

Also, users will be able to purchase with credit cards starting in the second round of the private sale. As of right now, users are not able to use credit/debit cards. They can pay with crypto or through their Ipayout e-wallets, which is an account that all member affiliates receive when they sign up. It is where they get their payout commissions.

The most significant benefit is that after the private sale period, during the official launch of the JIFUcoin for the public, you can liquidate your JIFUcoin. Upon the official launch of the JIFUcoin to the public, users that purchased JIFUcoin in the private sale will see the value of their JIFUcoin increase to the public sale price, which for some users will be a 100% increase. Selling at this stage allows you to make a profit.

Only active JIFU member affiliates of JIFU travel LLC can participate in the JIFUcoin private sale. The sale is also subject to regional and country availability.

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JIFU unlocks your best life by creating connections, offering transformative experiences, and delivering exclusive value.

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JIFU unlocks your best life by creating connections, offering transformative experiences, and delivering exclusive value.