Nov 16, 2020

2 min read

Our Crypto-currency Ecosystem

Much like a natural ecosystem, the JIFU ecosystem has grown and amplified in response to our environment. By diversifying our economic value, JIFU morphed into an unstoppable force that utilizes the most important business trends: Online Marketplaces, Travel and Tourism, Cryptocurrency, and Personal Development.

While each of these may seem like individual sectors, JIFU has created a structure that encourages collaboration between each business pillar. JIFUcoin will have true utility in the JIFU ecosystem for both Members and Member Affiliates.

For example, owners of JIFUcoin*, our utility token, will be able to use it to buy products on our marketplace, JIFUshop. In return for using the coin, users will save money and earn rewards. JIFU’s mobile interface will ensure that users will have access to the newest deals available on the platform, intuitive payment, and recommendation system and insight into their coin balance.

The interconnectivity of JIFUcoin even extends into our travel portal, which is where members can find exclusive deals on transportation and tourism experiences. Similar to JIFUshop, users can spend JIFUcoin on airplane tickets and hotel rooms and save even more while exploring the world.

JIFU Travel, JIFUcoin, and JIFUshop can even be found in our hub for your success, JIFU.com, and on our newly developed app, JIFU2.0(Apple/Android). A key component of the JIFU ecosystem is our commitment to our customers. Our pricing is value-driven, meaning that vendors, member affiliates, and JIFU must all benefit after the customer’s needs are met.

With an established ecosystem that has sold millions in products and services with company advocates spread across the globe, JIFUcoin is positioned to serve its ecosystem immediately.

Because JIFUcoin connects customers to the incredible opportunities that exist within each of the business trends, users are able to earn, save, spend, and capitalize. JIFU has become wildly versatile by equipping our community by developing additional verticals based on the most profitable sectors of the modern-day economy.

*JIFUcoin is not available for purchase in the US, Columbia, and wherever prohibited by law.

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