How to Visualize Your Success

Visualization is the very beginning of creation. Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, the wholehearted belief that you will make it happen is a valuable tool in your pursuit of success. These are some of the most helpful tips to help you get on your way to mastering the skill of visualization from Wired For Greatness.

“Visualization naturally has to do with the mind and requires the use of both imagination and cognitive processes working together in unison.”-WFG

Flex your creativity by using your imagination to create images that encapsulate the best version of your future. Ensure that these images aren’t static and that you incorporate a shifting perspective into your visualization.

While creativity is an integral part of this process, you must not forget to use the logical part of your mind. Picture that you are actually experiencing the environment in the future that you so desperately desire.

When you relax into the visualization process, include everything from sight to smell and feel. This may seem silly, but realize that these small details are what memories are made up of, so it makes sense to add them into your projection of the future.

With visualization, you are working to make your future a reality. The more you can visualize the future you desire, the more likely you are to create this future for yourself and others around you.

Listed below are the steps to creating a visualization success story. Download the JIFU2.0 app for more details on how to perfect each step in the process.

  1. Setting the Stage
  2. Picture the Goal
  3. How are you Feeling?
  4. Add in Faith
  5. Now Step Back

Visualization is a sort of meditative thought practice that sets an intention. It also comes with several positive side effects, one being that you can experience less stress. Just having a clear vision and steps to take will erase much of the worry out of your life. You become more open to changes and different opportunities.

Additionally, you will be able to focus better because you have a set list of intentional goals to direct your energy towards. In this way, you will become more confident in your everyday life.

Feeling inspired to work towards a goal will give your days more meaning and intention. Instead of haphazardly blundering through life, you will have a particular future that each of your actions are meant to make happen.

These are only a few small steps that can help you get to where you want to be in life, whether that be a personal or professional goal. Visualization is a valuable tool in any aspiring entrepreneur’s toolbelt. Envision your success and make it happen!

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Let us know if you will be partaking in the visualization of your future! This is a good chance to reset your mind after an undoubtedly difficult year.




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JIFU unlocks your best life by creating connections, offering transformative experiences, and delivering exclusive value.

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